Act As If

James 4:10 – Humble yourselves before the Lord, and He will exalt you.

It was my first day of high school and I was scared out of my mind. Just a few months ago I was at the top of the class. Now I was at the bottom. My new friend shared during orientation that freshman meant fresh meat and seniors were just waiting to eat me alive. I needed a game plan. This so-called buddy of mine told me about three words that would change my life: act as if. He explained the best way to avoid problems was to be on their level. To act as if you were the biggest, baddest, and craziest person in the entire class. Stare them down, take them on, show them you refuse to be bullied. Doesn’t mean it has to be true, just act as if it was.

The first couple of classes went by smooth. But, P.E. was the first integrated class that would have these evil upperclassman. Once the bell rang, I spent the next 6 minutes giving myself the pep talk of a lifetime. Walking into a locker room of towering seniors the trash talk began. I stood my ground and threw out every insult I could think of.

I wish I could tell you I paved the way for future generations. However, it ended badly for me, very badly. Ever see a movie where the small kid gets thrown into a dumpster? Yeah, that became me. I understood two things that day. First, never trust the first person you meet in a high school orientation. Second, a humble approach will get you a lot further as a freshman than an “act as if” approach.

The book of James shares with us a famous passage about humbling our self before God. Which makes sense after all God created us and everything around us. But, that is not the reason he says for us to humble our selves. It is so He can exalt us. I should have gone in to the locker room and kept my mouth shut and let my skills on the basketball court talk instead of my mouth. Then my teammates could lift me up. We can talk all we want about how great we are at this, or how amazing we are at that. But, it isn’t what we say that matters, it is what others say about us.

via Bold19 – Act As If.

Act As If

One thought on “Act As If

  1. Brenleigh Baggett says:

    This is really helpful in a lot of situations, especially in high school. It altered the way I think and respond to different struggles


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